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Electronic Rent Collection
The National Association of Independent Landlords provides controlled rent and late fee collection electronically.  Rental payment histories are also reported to the national credit bureau monthly upon request.

Timely Rent Payments

Automatic rent collection insures timely rent payments and eliminates potential conflict surrounding late rent fees. Landlords do not have to hassle the tenant over rent and late fees. This increases the chances that the tenant will stay longer, be happier, and pay all the rent too.

Saves Time and Money

If you are presently collecting rent in person, automatic rent will save you both time and money associated with driving. Tenants can no longer avoid the landlord, in order to avoid paying rent. If your procedure is to have the tenant drive to your place, then automatic rent collection can save you time waiting for the tenant's arrival.
Eliminates Conflict

Automatic rent collection by the National Association of Independent Landlords is more intimidating than collecting rent in person, because tenants are afraid of being reported to the credit bureaus. Tenants cannot ask for leeway and can't manipulate the landlord.

Fast Eviction Decisions

If you currently collect rent by mail, then automatic rent collection eliminates the dilemma of determining whether the mail is slow, or the tenant is lying about the check in the mail. With automatic collection, doubt is eliminated, and the landlord can evict post haste if necessary.

More Control Over Your Tenant

The Association will report monthly payment delinquencies directly to the National Credit Bureau and keep track of your tenant's payment history in our own database. Because of this threat, you will have more control over your tenant.
Stay Friendly and Collect Rent on Time Too!

You can be friendly with your tenant, because the National Association of Independent Landlords collects the rent and late fees. The Association will be the "heavy" because actions such as, delinquency reporting, collection of penalties and rent are strictly controlled by the association, not you. Thus, tenants will understand attempts to manipulate you will be fruitless.
Free To Landlords

Most landlords raise rent to pay for this service. However, if you choose to pay for it yourself, the money you save by preventing lease violations is well worth it.
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For tenants who pay on time, automatic rent collection will benefit them by adding a positive trade line to their credit report. Younger tenants may actually establish credit and they can use this to get more credit in the future.
How Automatic Rent Collection Works
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Members send us your signed 'Services Agreement' and ‘Authorization for Automatic Rent’ signed by you and your tenant. Please include a copy of a voided check from your account and your tenant’s. Fax it to 1-800-352-4588, or email it to us at   We collect your rent and late fees (upon your request) Electronically from the tenant’s bank account. The tenant has the option of delaying rent if necessary.   Once your tenant’s rent funds have cleared the Federal Reserve the money is transferred to your account. Call an Auto Rent specialist for more information at 1-800-352-3395.
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