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Seven Ways Landlords Can Join Together to Control Property Damage, Broken Leases and Unpaid Rent
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You can check your applicant before you commit. You can also collect an application fee from your tenant to pay for this service. Collecting this fee is a common practice and it is a very small cost to your tenant compared to a deposit. We provide a quick, easy, and a low cost fax service. The background check won’t cost you a dime and you can sleep at night. In cases of fair housing violations, you will have evidence to hold up in court. You will have your deposit, and you will get a good tenant as well.
Comprehensive Credit reports from the Experian (including Fico Scores and Social Security Checks).
Employment Verification/Income Verification.
Rental histories.
Social Security Verification.
Nationwide Criminal Searches.
Nationwide Eviction Searches.
Risk Scores.
Rental Agreement, Landlord Tenant Lease, Residential Lease Agreement, Landlord Rent Collection, Electronic Rent Collection, Automatic Rent Payments, Tenant Credit Reporting, Credit Report Landlords Tenants, Commercial Landlord Tenant Law, Commercial Property Landlords, Rental Property Management, Land Leasing Agent2. Ability to Report Past and Present ‘Bad Tenants’ to the National Credit Bureau

The threat of eviction by itself is not enough to control professional rent home tenants who know the law and understand the system. However, by adding the power to expose bad tenants “to the world”, landlords can double their power to prevent property damage, broken leases, and unpaid rent.

Once the tenant has been reported to the national credit bureau, there is no where to hide, because negative credit effects tenant housing, future credit and even employment for seven years. All professionally run retailers, banks and car dealers, utility companies and apartments have this power and it works.
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The National Association of Independent Landlords sends a non-threatening notice directly to the tenant at the beginning of the lease, which clearly explains that if the tenant breaks your lease, damages your property, or does not pay rent on time, they will be reported to the national credit bureau. Most tenants are not aware of any consequences for breaking the rules of the lease with private landlords. Once they receive our letter they will be more likely to pay rent on time, honor the terms of the lease, and take care of your property.
4. Power to Collect on all Insufficient Checks Written by Your Tenants

All association members are entitled to use Security Check Services. All insufficient checks written by your tenant, will be submitted to the check company, via our association. Security Check will send the tenant a demand letter for payment of the full value of your check. Collection calls are made to the tenant for 60 to 90 days. If the tenant does not remit payment for the check, their checks will be denied in many local grocery stores, department stores, and by other merchants until your check has been paid.
5. Power to Collect for Unpaid Rent, Property Damage and Broken Leases

It is hard to hide from a derogatory credit report forever. Sooner or later a purchase requiring good credit will be attempted. At that time bad credit, due to a previous landlord’s report, must be addressed and the landlord can work out a suitable agreement with the previous tenant to pay off the debt they owe you.
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Leases, Rental Applications, Pet Agreement, Inventory Checklists, Credit Authorization forms, Lead-disclosure Statements, Termination of Tenancy, Agreement for Delayed Payments, Resident’s Maintenance Repair Request, Notice of Intent to Enter Dwelling, and Lease Violation forms, are just a few of our forms available upon request.
7. Quarterly Newsletters

Stay up do date on current laws and services available to landlords. Make sure to give us your email address to receive your quarterly newsletters.
We Help Thousands of Landlords Find Quality Tenants and Collect Millions of Dollars in Rent and Broken Leases Monthly. Whether You Own Or Manage One or a Thousand Rental Properties You Will Benefit By Joining Our Association of Landlords and Leasing Professionals
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Memberships are annual and are non-refundable if services have been rendered, or membership packages have been sent to you.

Memberships are activated immediately upon submission of your membership application and payment online. If you would like to set up an account to pull credit reports online please fill out the Subscriber Agreement online , or print the pdf format of the Subscriber Agreement and fax it to us at 1-800-352-4588, along with the documents required in your Subscriber Agreement. An online account representative will then call you with your login information. Please click the Credit Icon Above for full compliance requirements for obtaining credit reports. If you choose to fax your request for credit, criminal and eviction reports please click on the Credit icon above for requirements by fax.
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