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Hassle Free Rent Collection Helps You Collect Rent On Time
Monthly Rent monitoring
Hassle-Free Rent Collection: Helps you Collect Rent on Time.

To collect monthly payments on time, do what the S&P 500 companies do and report credit monthly. It is no big thing for you to do this all by yourself, but the cost would be enormous, and you would need a large number of units in order to meet the minimum requirements of the credit bureaus. Landlords have joined forces in the National Association of Independent Landlords to report as a large company. Thus, single unit landlords can gain access to all of the power and control that large organizations have at a fraction of the cost. By combining the inputs from thousands of landlords the cost can be reduced. Tenants who pay on time will be able to build their credit, while problematic tenants will be forced into compliance. This allows you to report lost late fees and lost rent without a judgment.
Control Risk like the Pros: Report Monthly

Monthly reporting is the preferred way to induce timely monthly payments. Why? Constant surveillance. During a typical year your tenant may apply for credit 3 times. Waiting till the end of the lease to report allows too much leeway. All major creditors, banks, retailers, and over 1,392,000 businesses nationwide report monthly. Many of these Fortune 500 companies make billions annually, yet they will report a $5 debt as fast as a $500 car payment. When money gets tight, your tenant will pay the creditors that report on a monthly basis first. Your rent is the highest monthly payment your tenant has. So, report monthly and you will be first in line to get paid.
Credit Reporting: a Workable Solution at a Low Cost

NAIL provides landlords an easy way to use credit reporting to impose penalties for late rent and other monetary losses. This is the same system Sears, Visa , Amex, etc. use to induce timely monthly payments. NAIL does all the paper work and files the universal reporting form for you.

Rent Monitoring Induces Timely Rent Payments

For $5.95 a month we will monitor rent payments, and report credit monthly to the credit bureau. Both you and your tenant will receive monthly calls to verify timely rent payments. If the rent is paid on time, the tenant receives a positive credit rating for the month. If the landlord informs the association that the rent was not paid on time, the tenant receives a call from the association informing them that they owe late fees and the rent is overdue. The tenant will be informed that the rent payment and late fees will be reported as delinquent to the credit bureau if not paid on time (Rent payments are reported to Equifax).

The mere fact that the tenant receives a call from the Association makes them stay on their toes. They know they are being monitored by a large organization. This keeps the pressure off the landlord for a minimal cost monthly.

To sign up for Rent Monitoring please fill out your 'Rent Monitoring' form
and send it to, or fax it to us at 1-800-352-4588
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